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Experienced Cinematographer, Camera Operator, Editor, Video & Podcast Producer with a decade of versatile expertise in crafting compelling visual narratives. A self-starter driven by intrinsic motivation, adept at problem-solving and anticipating challenges before they arise. Proficient in all facets of video production, including location sourcing, budgeting, and conceptualization. Specializing in capturing dynamic events and employing color correction techniques such as Lumentri, I collaborate closely with creative and sales teams to deliver visually captivating content aligned with project missions. Notably, I've led cinematography for a diverse range of projects, collaborating with political figures, cultural tastemakers, and creating commercial advertisements. Skilled in optimizing content for social media and OTT platforms, with a keen ability to seamlessly integrate User-Generated Content (UGC) to maximize impact throughout the production process. Additionally, experienced in vertical integration strategies to ensure end-to-end control and optimization of content creation processes. Proficient in utilizing AI tools at the forefront of technology to enhance project quality and efficiency.

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